Two racist,  a bar, and a plan: 

1969 a bar somewhere in Washington, DC…


“Jesse. ”

“Why you over here crying in your beer?”

“The country’s gone to shit. LBJ has let the nigra have the vote, dismantled the Jim Crow laws that kept them underfoot. It’s just a sad time for America. ”

“Don’t be so pessimistic.  I got a plan to put the nigra back in his place.  I got a plan that will stop them from voting. You think I’m joking?”

“Thanks, I needed a laugh….you are serious? How you gonna get the blacks not to vote?  They been marching in the streets for years to get it. We beat ’em, we hang ’em, we burn ’em and they just keep coming. Face it, the reign of the white man is over. ”

“Not on my watch it aint.”

“What you saying just don’t make sense. We killed their leader. We blew up a church and killed their baby girls.  You think after that they not gonna do the very thing they was fighting for. For God sake man, we killed their children!”

“They not like you and me, they don’t love their children like us. They will just have more. I got a plan and it starts with making sure they understand that America belongs to us, that it is a racist state and will always be.”

“They know it’s not a racist state. LBJ just proved that. All the white liberal bastards Marching along and dying along with them proves that. They dumb monkeys but they can see what’s right in front of them.”

“You can teach a monkey to fly to the moon. That don’t make it a rocket scientist. I tell you, if we can convince them that we are America and they are not we can put them right back were they were. We have to attack their little minds and they will forget all the sacrifice,  they will forget Monkey Luther King and they will stop voting. If we do a good enough job, we can have them saying they still slaves.”

“Attack their mind huh?”

“That’s right, if you can’t put shackles on their bodies…”

“Put it on their minds.”

“Now you getting it. I predict that by the time this new generation is full grown they won’t vote and they will prance around like peacocks touting their too proud and black to vote in racist America. ”
“You a damn genius. So what’s first?”

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Black Man…quit your crying 

Racism is alive and well, but if it don’t kill you, it can’t stop you. The black man who wants to constructively criticize his people find himself in a precarious place. He is fully aware of what we are doing to surpress ourselves but is afraid to speak on it for fear it will reinforce stereotypes that whites will use against his people so he stays quite and let’s the problems fester…NO MORE. It’s time we cleaned our own house.  The issues are to numerous too put in one post that is designed to emphasize the problem silence causes but I will broach one topic.  “We the victim”. My parents did a few really good things in my rearing and none better than getting my mind right for life as a black man. They said “the only fair shake a black man will get in this world is the one he makes for his self.” I have no expectations of fair treatment,  so I am never shocked or dissapointed when I don’t get it. Yes we are victimized but so what. I see too many of my people stop right there in their assessment of our condition. The truth is too many of us don’t work hard enough to get what we want. We need to work harder and smarter and if we have to do twice the work to get what we want …then we will need a good night’s sleep. We have tried being victims of our situation and know what that gets us. Let’s try acceptin we are at a disadvantage and say that will not stop us, and see where that gets us. Life is tough, be tougher. #blacklove,  #blacklivesmatter, #blackpower, #hiphop, #africanamerican, #naacp, #blackman, #blackmantra, #blackwoman

I have to thank my parents. ..the bums 

I was raised by two less than sucessfull people.  They had more weaknesses than strengths but they had one thing in common that helped me tremendously in life. The talk, while some people walk it like they talk it. My parents just talked it, and did a damn good job at that. 

They were both born before the 50s in good financial situations. My maternal grandparents worked at the mill all their lives and managed home ownership,  a boat, a camper and summer vacations. They weren’t rich but both their children graduated college.

My faternal grandparents were both business owners. My grandfather owner a barbershop. My grandmother was the most successful of all, owning several business and in a time when the city was segregated she owned houses on the side of town she couldn’t live on. 

My parents grew up hearing the lessons of hard working and sucessfull people and while they couldn’t duplicate their parents sucess they could pass along the message. The same one I now pass along to my children.  I think one of the things parents today gave up that they should have kept was this saying my parents told me as a rule. “DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO!” That adage is why I am a business owner, a graduate and according to my kids and wife a great father and husband. So like my parents …the loveable bums, I am passing on the knowledge necessary for success, a family legacy. #family,  #children, #America, #Americanvalues, #family, #familyvalues, #parent,  #wife, #Christian, #Christianity,  #Jesus, #love, #Christ, #money,  #self-employed, #workethic, #blacklove 

Opposites attract, then want to strangle each other…

Remember when we wanted someone who had strengths where we have weakness. Remember when we wanted someone who was good with money cause we suck. Remember when we wanted someone who was neat cause we are junkie.  What…you still want that. Oh no my friend, oh no.

In my many travels down loves lane I used the logic that someone who was good at what I am bad at would be the ideal mate…Then I met her or hers and guess what? My opposite was not what I needed. They could do all the things I couldn’t and I could do the stuff they couldn’t and it seemed like a match made in crazy heaven then reality showed up. See getting your opposite doesn’t work because the only person who hates your short comings more than you is someone who doesn’t share any of them. LOL! I made a funny.

All the conservative, anal women who were my opposite, who had balanced checkbooks and neat homes, couldn’t stand me once we left the bedroom and I wasn’t particularly fond of them either. When it came to money they didn’t help me manage it better, they just complained that I was irresponsible with it…well duh. When it came to tidiness they didn’t clean up after me. They called me a slob, which of course was true. I finally realized maybe I’m going about this wrong. Maybe I should try something else.

So, I dated my wife, but she wasn’t my wife then, and she wasn’t like me. No, no she was far worse. At first I thought we are gonna be living in our automobile and its going to be a garbage truck but you know what happened. She was so untidy, it made me more tidy. She was so irresponsible with money, I became budget minded. See what happened. The cure to my ills wasn’t someone better than me at stuff, it was someone worse. Now some eight years later she is much better at the stuff we use to share deficiencies in and I was patient and understanding, mostly, along the way cause hey  I understand, it does make sense to leave your shoes and jacket in the living room on the floor…you are just gonna put it on again tomorrow, or the next day, or eventually. #love, #lovesayings, #marriage, #dating, #romance, #sex, #women, #men, #oppositesattract

Why do we blacks celebrate living in the Ghetto 

I grew up in a southern ghetto and in my teens we moved to an urban ghetto. The two had similarities and stark difference.  In 1987 the one I went to, Newark, NJ embraced ghetto existence where the one I left, Greensboro,  NC didn’t.  It puzzled me that living in the ghetto could be a source of community identity and alligence. Where I came from we wanted out of our ghettos. 

Examination of the history of northern ghettos showed a patern of exodus from the ghettos by the original tenants, European immigrants who live there before black people took their places.  They had no desire to stay there yet blacks claimed the corners, the atmosphere,  the life in the ghetto as “keeping it real”. Why? Is it making the best of a bad situation?  I can only speculate since I didn’t feel the same way but I believe it was because black people want so desperately to own a piece of Americana that we will take what no one else wants as long as we can say it is ours. If that’s true it’s an indication that for all our efforts the  American dream is “just” a dream for those who think the ghettos of America is where they belong. #ghettolife, #nyc, #democratic,  #republican,  #America,  #Africanamerican, #americandream, #hiphop, #rap 

Colin Kaepernick’s worth to the NFL is microcosm of American  value system 

Let’s start with the gorilla in the room. Colin Kaepernick is being black balled because he is a black man who bucked the system by not standing up for the flag. That’s a little Spike Lee-ish of me. Or the owners are taking a moral stand for the sanctity of the Flag, that was my Trump impression . Ok…yeah he is a piriah with his 70s ‘fro and misguided crusade. The NFL owners don’t want him and after his admission to not having voted Black folks don’t respect his consciousness.  Man its tough being Kap. 

The American value system is out of whack. We love the flag but it is just a symbol.  We love freedom of speech right, it’s more than a symbol, right, it’s the American Way…ain’t it, no really,  ain’t it? They seem to be at odds here. How is that even possible?  I will tell you how, our value system has nothing grounding it. It seems to flutter around on the winds of societal whims.

Let’s look at the situation.  He is a middling QB with some issues. So many are saying he is out of work because he isn’t great but everyone who says that admits he could backup most places.  So what is it, he ain’t no good therefore unemployed or he is a problem child no one wants to touch? I tell you what if he had Aaron Rogers type skills he would be on somebody’s team even if he wiped his, well you know, with the flag and there you have it. 

Our moral outrage is counter balanced by what value we place on him. Meaning our morals have a value themselves. Yes, you are correct moral are SUPPOSED to be priceless.  Look at Ray Rice and Greg Hardy. I’m not sure beating women is tantamount to not standing for the flag but one player (the one on the decline) never played again after he knocked out his fiancee and the other (the one with double digit sacks when last he played) “deserved a second chance ” after he beat and threatened to kill a woman. How did that happen?

America’s value system is reflected in the Kap situation because if he were better he would have a job regardless of the Flag and that’s not how a value system is supposed to work. A value system is supposed to be rooted in morals and moral are supposed to be unwavering. We have work to do America. #spikelee, #nfl, #Kaepernick, #Ray Rice, #trump, #America, #Americanvalues, #morals, #Americanflagprotest, #blacklivesmatter