Two racist,  a bar, and a plan: 

1969 a bar somewhere in Washington, DC…


“Jesse. ”

“Why you over here crying in your beer?”

“The country’s gone to shit. LBJ has let the nigra have the vote, dismantled the Jim Crow laws that kept them underfoot. It’s just a sad time for America. ”

“Don’t be so pessimistic.  I got a plan to put the nigra back in his place.  I got a plan that will stop them from voting. You think I’m joking?”

“Thanks, I needed a laugh….you are serious? How you gonna get the blacks not to vote?  They been marching in the streets for years to get it. We beat ’em, we hang ’em, we burn ’em and they just keep coming. Face it, the reign of the white man is over. ”

“Not on my watch it aint.”

“What you saying just don’t make sense. We killed their leader. We blew up a church and killed their baby girls.  You think after that they not gonna do the very thing they was fighting for. For God sake man, we killed their children!”

“They not like you and me, they don’t love their children like us. They will just have more. I got a plan and it starts with making sure they understand that America belongs to us, that it is a racist state and will always be.”

“They know it’s not a racist state. LBJ just proved that. All the white liberal bastards Marching along and dying along with them proves that. They dumb monkeys but they can see what’s right in front of them.”

“You can teach a monkey to fly to the moon. That don’t make it a rocket scientist. I tell you, if we can convince them that we are America and they are not we can put them right back were they were. We have to attack their little minds and they will forget all the sacrifice,  they will forget Monkey Luther King and they will stop voting. If we do a good enough job, we can have them saying they still slaves.”

“Attack their mind huh?”

“That’s right, if you can’t put shackles on their bodies…”

“Put it on their minds.”

“Now you getting it. I predict that by the time this new generation is full grown they won’t vote and they will prance around like peacocks touting their too proud and black to vote in racist America. ”
“You a damn genius. So what’s first?”

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