Racism is alive and well, but if it don’t kill you, it can’t stop you. The black man who wants to constructively criticize his people find himself in a precarious place. He is fully aware of what we are doing to surpress ourselves but is afraid to speak on it for fear it will reinforce stereotypes that whites will use against his people so he stays quite and let’s the problems fester…NO MORE. It’s time we cleaned our own house.  The issues are to numerous too put in one post that is designed to emphasize the problem silence causes but I will broach one topic.  “We the victim”. My parents did a few really good things in my rearing and none better than getting my mind right for life as a black man. They said “the only fair shake a black man will get in this world is the one he makes for his self.” I have no expectations of fair treatment,  so I am never shocked or dissapointed when I don’t get it. Yes we are victimized but so what. I see too many of my people stop right there in their assessment of our condition. The truth is too many of us don’t work hard enough to get what we want. We need to work harder and smarter and if we have to do twice the work to get what we want …then we will need a good night’s sleep. We have tried being victims of our situation and know what that gets us. Let’s try acceptin we are at a disadvantage and say that will not stop us, and see where that gets us. Life is tough, be tougher. #blacklove,  #blacklivesmatter, #blackpower, #hiphop, #africanamerican, #naacp, #blackman, #blackmantra, #blackwoman

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