We appear to be working towards a society where gender is irrelevant until we come upon situations where gender is all that is relevant. Enter Joe Mixon. How can we have it both ways? 

When I think of the male abuser I think of the drunk husband who comes home and without provocation beats his wife dizzy cause it’s Tuesday. After watching the video the physical confrontation was initiated by the female. I was dumbstruck.  Why aren’t we talking about the whole incident?  We are after all equals. If a 130 lb man struck Mixon and he broke his jaw would we care. Would we say the 130 lb man shouldn’t have attacked Mixon in the first place. However,  because it’s a woman we see the dynamics differently …and we should because we are not equals. We are physically different.   We know what Mixon shouldn’t have done but what “should” he have done instead of retaliating?

Conservative number has DV initiated by women at nearly 40%. In these cases men retaliate and we have what we all scorn, a man hitting a woman. The problem is we appear to want conflicting things. Equality where gender is irrelevant, and we want men to demonstrate self control the female isn’t required to in the case of physical violence.  This paradox is why the present course of genderless equality doesn’t work. Ignoring our differences doesn’t mean they don’t exist. 

Mixon should have acknowledged that he and the woman were far from equals, ate the slaps and walked away. That is the response we want, but no one has said it out loud, why? We don’t want to teach boys, men and women aren’t physically equal and men need to show a higher degree of restraint because of that because it’s not PC. It’s time to have a conversation based in reality, not PC fairytale. Men have a responsibility to observe and respect the FACT that women are excused from physically violent retaliation and we need to learn it from birth and if it is in conflict with our PC reality then we need to check the validity of our self created reality. #mixon, #Christian, #Christianity, #God, #nfl, #nfldraft, #joemixon, #domestic violence, #genderequality, #womensrights, #rayrice, #America, #Americanvalues, #football

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