Let’s start with the gorilla in the room. Colin Kaepernick is being black balled because he is a black man who bucked the system by not standing up for the flag. That’s a little Spike Lee-ish of me. Or the owners are taking a moral stand for the sanctity of the Flag, that was my Trump impression . Ok…yeah he is a piriah with his 70s ‘fro and misguided crusade. The NFL owners don’t want him and after his admission to not having voted Black folks don’t respect his consciousness.  Man its tough being Kap. 

The American value system is out of whack. We love the flag but it is just a symbol.  We love freedom of speech right, it’s more than a symbol, right, it’s the American Way…ain’t it, no really,  ain’t it? They seem to be at odds here. How is that even possible?  I will tell you how, our value system has nothing grounding it. It seems to flutter around on the winds of societal whims.

Let’s look at the situation.  He is a middling QB with some issues. So many are saying he is out of work because he isn’t great but everyone who says that admits he could backup most places.  So what is it, he ain’t no good therefore unemployed or he is a problem child no one wants to touch? I tell you what if he had Aaron Rogers type skills he would be on somebody’s team even if he wiped his, well you know, with the flag and there you have it. 

Our moral outrage is counter balanced by what value we place on him. Meaning our morals have a value themselves. Yes, you are correct moral are SUPPOSED to be priceless.  Look at Ray Rice and Greg Hardy. I’m not sure beating women is tantamount to not standing for the flag but one player (the one on the decline) never played again after he knocked out his fiancee and the other (the one with double digit sacks when last he played) “deserved a second chance ” after he beat and threatened to kill a woman. How did that happen?

America’s value system is reflected in the Kap situation because if he were better he would have a job regardless of the Flag and that’s not how a value system is supposed to work. A value system is supposed to be rooted in morals and moral are supposed to be unwavering. We have work to do America. #spikelee, #nfl, #Kaepernick, #Ray Rice, #trump, #America, #Americanvalues, #morals, #Americanflagprotest, #blacklivesmatter 


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