Isn’t technology awesome. We can now share our thoughts with the world with the click of a mouse, beautiful. What makes my blog worth reading? ME. I mean blogs are our thoughts and observations and I have plenty of both. Since this is the first one I am writing I think introductions would be in order. My name is Develynne, that is a girl’s name but I am a boy. My mother heard the name back in ’69 or ’70 and thought it was cool and made it her first born son’s name. It came from a female activist in Ireland at the time. So, I’m named after a white woman…I am a black man, some days when people are looking I am an African American. I am a patriot, I love the United States of America the way you love your unattractive child. Hey, she is beautiful to me.  My best description is “I’m a loser, who wins a lot”. I use to think I was a winner but I realized I lose too much to be a winner. However, being labeled a loser is depressing and not completely accurate as I win, you know, sometimes. So instead of being a winner who loses too much, I am a loser who wins a lot. I sleep better with this designation.  This blog will be about whatever is going on in the Nation or outside it that may affect it. I talk about love, relationships, sports, news, politics, etc. from the perspective of a forty-five-year-old black man, father of three, married and an entrepreneur having been in business for 16 years now. I am eager to hear your thoughts on my various subjects as well. Feel free to comment, agree or disagree. I have always learned more about bees from kicking the beehive than sitting staring at it. #love #life #religion #Trump #sex #dating #politics #HB2

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